Adivi Sesh becomes untouchable

Adivi Sesh is an actor who made a name and place for himself in the industry all by himself. He started out as an actor by directing and writing his own film and then was seen in significant roles in some of the biggest films of Tollywood. He then paved the way for himself as a bankable leading actor, with movies in the thriller genre, which he co-wrote.

Films like Goodachari, Evaru, Kshanam, and many others that he has been seen in, are all good examples of how he managed to become the master of that genre of films, a genre that no other actor has been able to crack, with Gandeevadhari Arjuna, The Ghost, Agent and Spy being the best examples of this fact.

All these films tried to be the next big action thriller, but no one managed to get it right, with the exception of Adivi Sesh. As such, it looks as though he truly is untouchable when it comes to this genre. On the work front, he has Goodachari 2 in the pipe

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