Super offer to Rahul Sankrityan

Director Rahul Sankrityan who impressed with his first movie THE END and came with a different story in the horror backdrop was very impressive at that time. After that, he did Taxiwala with Vijay Deverakonda who seemed to be coming up then with paranormal content.

There were many problems at the release of Vijay’s Taxiwala movie. Because the craze for Vijay increased after the release of the Pellichoopulu and at the same time, Arjun Reddy and Geetha Govindam becoming blockbusters. Taxiwala, which was released with that craze was a lesser hit comparing to vijay’s previous Movies. However, Rahul impressed with the story.

Nani offered a chance to the director after watching this movie He proved himself with Nani’s Shyam Singaroy and not only Handling big heroes but also choosing different stories . As if it is late but latest, now he once again got the chance to direct Vijay Deverakonda under the banner of Dil Raju.
Currently,Dil Raju is doing a film with Vijay Devarakonda directed by Parasuram which is going to be released next Sankranti. After that he convinced Vijay to do another project under his banner. Dil Raju is going to give that project to Rahul Sankrityan.

Vijay already knows the talent of Rahul so there is a no chance of saying no. Moreover, now that we know what Vijay’s craze is , so definitely Rahul will also come with a suitable story. It has to be seen whether this offer will turn the career of the most talented Director Rahul Sankrityan.

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