‘Satya’ trailer.. A love story with naturalness

New age romantic love stories are always well received. And.. Tamilians show special attention in making natural love story films. In this case.. In the past, movies like ‘Premisthe’ from Tamil were translated into Telugu and achieved great success. Now another Tamil film ‘Rangoli’ is releasing in Telugu with the title ‘Satya’.

Film journalist Shiva Mallala became a producer with this film. Original producers K. Babu Reddy and G. Satish Kumar are offering this movie to the Telugu audience under the banner of Shiva Mallala.. Shivam Media. Directed by Vali Mohan Das, the film stars Hamaresh, Praarthana, Aadukaalam Muruga Das, Amit Bhargav and Sanjay in lead roles. The trailer of ‘Satya’ movie, which is going to hit the Telugu audience on May 10, has been released.The trailer of ‘Satya’ is impressive throughout with a very natural take on school, sports songs, love, poverty..

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