Sandeep Kishan working with Hit Combo

Sandeep Kishan’s film career which started with the movie ‘Prasthanam’ continues unchallenged. However, no matter how many films he has done till now, Sandeep has not got a mass image. The last movie ‘Ooru Peru Bhairavakona’ became a decent hit. Sandeep Kishan is going to make his 30th film with the producers of ‘Uru Peru Bhairavakona’. This film is directed by Nakkina Trinatha Rao.

Nakkina Trinatha Rao has proved to be a master in making mass movies with medium range heroes. And after the huge success of ‘Dhamaka‘, Nakkina was rumored to be working with heroes like Megastar Chiranjeevi. However, the latest announcement has come that Nakkina is going to work with Sandeep Kishan.

Along with Trinadh Rao, who has signed up for Sandeep Kishan’s film, his court writer Bejawada Prasannakumar is also working. Prasanna Kumar, who has already worked in films like ‘Cinema Choopistha Maava, Nenu Local, Hello Guru Premakosame, Dhamaka’ with Nakkina, now has written a mass story for Sandeep Kishan too. And.. let’s see if Sandeep Kishan will get a good mass image with this film.

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