Rana Released The Trailer ‘Keeda Cola’

Tarun Bhaskar’s name should also be mentioned among the new directors who are taking Telugu cinema in a new path . After films like ‘Pelli Choppulu, Ee Nagariki Yemayindhi‘, this young director kept aside directing and got busy as a writer and actor. However.. again after a little gap now he is coming with his third film under his direction.

Tarun Bhaskar’s style is to make films with typical stories and unusual titles. This time he gave his latest movie a variety title of ‘Keeda Kola’. The justification for this title is that a keada (cockroach) is caught in a koala. Rana Daggubati has unveiled the latest trailer of ‘Keeda Cola’ movie which attracted attention with the teaser. Rana is also being as presenter for this movie.

Chaitanya Rao of ’30 Weds 21′ fame is going to be seen in the lead role in this movie and Ravindra Vijay, Vishnu and Rag Mayur are playing other important roles. Also.. Comedian Brahma Brahmanandam is gearing up to entertain with another full-fledged role in this movie. It seems from the trailer that director Tarun Bhaskar also played a key role. As a crime comedy drama, ‘Keeda Kola’ is getting ready for release on November 3.

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