‘Pushpa 2’ item song is another level

Special songs are the main attraction of movies made in certain combinations. Sukumar – Devisree Prasad combination is one of such combos. In this generation, the movie ‘Arya’ is first remembered as item songs. The Allu Arjun-Sukumar-Devi Sriprasad combination song ‘A Ante Amalapuram’ in this movie was a super hit. After that, this combination gave another super hit item number with ‘Ringa-Ringa’ in ‘Arya-2’.After ‘Arya, Arya-2’, Bunny-Sukku-Devisri worked together for the third time for ‘Pushpa Part 1’.

Their combination means that the item number in this film is going to be in which range? There are speculations. A special item number of the film ‘Pushpa’ was created in a way beyond them. All the songs in ‘Pushpa’ part 1 are chart busters. However.. ‘Oo Antava.. Oo Oo Antava’, the special song danced by Samantha created a sensation at the pan India level. They brought a special craze for item numbers in Tollywood and created a pan India level with the item number ‘Pushpa’.Now they are preparing another sensational special number for ‘Pushpa 2’.
The item number from ‘Pushpa’ part 1 was a super hit. With this… the special song in part 2 is being designed in a special way. Rockstar D.S.P. has already prepared a catchy mass tune for a special number in this crazy sequel. They are in the process of selecting Bollywood beauty Disha Pathani as the item queen in this song. She is acting in Prabhas’ Kalki 2898AD and going to stay in Hyderabad for a long time for this film. In this context.. the team is trying to convince Disha for the item song in ‘Pushpa 2’.

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