Maruthinagar Subrahmaniyam Title Song Release

Apart from making a video and announcing the characters played by Rao Ramesh in KGF 2 and Sithamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu in , the release of the first look with a QR code went viral. With that, curiosity was created in the neutral audience about the film. Now the film unit has released the title song of Marutinagar Subramaniam.

Crazy singer Ram Miriyala has sung brilliantly to the tune composed by Kalyani Naik to the lyrics written by Bhaskarabhatla to express the characterization of Rao Ramesh.
The song Nene Subramaniam is going viral on social media. The director-producers said that Rao Ramesh’s getup in Lungi is amazing… a lot of people are sending messages saying that he has got a native feeling. This song is going viral. The buzz on the film has increased.

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