‘Indian’ release before ‘Indian 2’

Meanwhile, the trend of re-releases in Telugu and Tamil languages ​​is going strong. In this context, the makers are thinking of re-releasing Kamal Haasan-Shankar’s ‘Indian’. ‘Indian 2’ is going to hit the screens in June. And.. before the release of ‘Indian 2’, the makers are making preparations to bring ‘Indian’ to the theaters in the form of a re-release.

According to the story, ‘Indian’ is going to be a sequel to ‘Indian 2’. In that way, the makers feel that the re-release of ‘Indian’ is a good match for ‘Indian 2’. On the other hand, a large scale audio release event is being planned for the film ‘Indian 2’ in the month of May. Along with superstar Rajinikanth, global star Ram Charan will be the guest of the event.Shankar’s plan is to release the promotional content of Rajinikanth for the Tamil version of ‘Indian 2’ and the promotional content of the Telugu version of ‘Bharatiyudu 2’ through the hands of Ram Charan.

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