‘Manjummel Boys’ who are rocking Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu

Malayalam film industry is in good form now. Receives back to back blockbusters. ‘The film ‘ Premalu’ released on February 9, became a blockbuster as a romantic entertainer. The film, which was made with just Rs 3 crore, collected Rs 90 crore at the Kerala box office. This movie made with the backdrop of Hyderabad has recently come to the Telugu audience as well. ‘Premalu’ is well received in Telugu as well.

Two weeks after the release of ‘Premalu’, another Malayalam film ‘Manjummel Boys’ was released. Director Chidambaram directed this film based on a true incident that took place in 2006. Shaubin Shahir, Srinath Bhasi and Balu Varghese played the lead roles in this movie. This is the story of boys from Manjummel, a town near Kochi. The film is based on the incident of ‘Manjummel Boys’ going to Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu for a vacation.

This movie was shot in Kodaikanal at the same locations where Kamal Haasan’s movie ‘Guna’ was shot. And.. there are many ‘Guna’ references in this movie. That’s why.. this movie which collected more than Rs. 100 crores at the Kerala box office.. has collected Rs. 25 crores in Tamil Nadu as well. On the other hand, it became the first Malayalam film to collect one million dollars in North America.Trade pundits predict that ‘Manjummel Boys’, which has already become one of the top 5 all-time blockbusters in Malayalam, is going to create many more sensations in the long run.

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