‘Laggam’ is about to release

The fun, manners, games and songs in Telugu culture weddings make everyone remember their wedding ceremony or the wedding ceremony of their relatives. Marriage, Shaadi, Laggam, Marriage, whatever you call it, the couple is united. Now ‘Laggam’ is a film made in the background of such a wedding.

Sai Ronak, Pragya Nagra, Rajendra Prasad, Rohini, Saptagiri, LB.Sreeram, Raghubabu, Krishnadu, Rachcha Ravi in ​​the lead roles of the upcoming movie ‘Laggam’. Venugopal Reddy is producing this movie under the direction of Ramesh Tembala. Recently, the talkie part of the film ‘Laggam’ has been completed. Soon.. all the programs will be completed and will come before the audience.

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