Ongoing suspense over the Nani-Sujeeth movie

Natural Star Nani is on a good streak. He has a string of hits to his credit with ‘Shyam Singha Roy, Ante Sundaraniki, Dussehra, Hi Nanna’. Now ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ director Vivek Athreya is going to bring the movie ‘Saripodha Sanivaram’ to the audience. After this film, Nani lined up three more films. Among them, the movie Nani 32 should be ranked first.

Directed by Sujeeth, This film is to be released under the production of D.V.V. Entertainments. Already Sujeeth, who is directing the movie ‘OG’ in D.V.V Entertainments, has signed an agreement with Nani to complete the movie simultaneously. Also released the announcement video of this movie.

However.. in view of the budget calculations, Nani-Sujeeth movie was released by D.V.V. There is a rumor that entertainment has been put aside. In this context.. Sujeeth, who already has a contract to make a film with People Media Factory, is going to do Nani’s project with that company.

On the other hand..till the completion of ‘OG’ there is no situation to come out of D.V.V. So.. Will there be a Nani-Sujeeth movie? Or? It became a big suspense.

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