Irreplaceble Actress Suryakantham

Actress Suryakantham has created a separate image for herself in the history of Telugu cinema. A book is not enough to describe the way Suryakantham graced the silver screen as Gayyaali Atta. Suryakantham, who learned singing and dancing at the tender age of six, moved to Chennai with the desire to act in films. Suryakantham, who entered the film industry as a dancer in Gemini’s film ‘Chandralekha’, got supporting roles in the films ‘Dharmangada, Narada Naradi, Grihapravesham’.

Film debut with minor roles
Gayyaali character was named as Suryakantham… At that time people were afraid to name their girls Suryakantham. So.. Suryakantham Gayyaali’s first role was the movie ‘ Samsaaram’. After this movie, Suryakantham became the care of address for Gayyaali characters in Telugu cinema for decades.

Versatility in Suryakantham Comedy
Even if Suryakantham doesn’t do comedy, her way of speaking is laughable. But her antics are infuriating. That is not to say that she is a villain. Staring with serious look and the conversational ingenuity of Suryakantam, who threw her left hand and placed her right hand on her waist….while mocking… while crying and crying with loud chatter make the aunt characters cruel and are living sculptures on the silver screen.

Suryakantham, who is entertaining on screen, is very sensitive in real life. Even today, the audience continue to tell stories about her goodness. Many heroes and heroines have been replaced, but if there is any actress who cannot be replaced, she is definitely Suryakantham. Today (October 28) is Suryakantham Jayanti.

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