‘Indian 2, and Game changer’ within a gap of three months

Shankar is one of South India’s most talented directors. In his career span of 30 years, Shankar released a total of 13 films. That is, he released one film every two years and two and a half years. However, there are plenty of chances of Shankar getting two films in just three months of this year.

In the past, Shankar used to start another film after the completion of one film. But now two films have to be completed simultaneously. First ‘Indian 2’ started with Kamal Haasan. After ‘Indian 2’ was stopped due to some unavoidable reasons, Shankar started ‘Game Changer’ with Ram Charan in the middle.

About two films are being completed. The talkie part of ‘Indian 2’ has already been completed and is in the post production stage. On the other hand, ‘Game Changer’ is going to complete the entire shooting in a few days. They wanted to bring ‘Indian 2’ to the audience in June. But.. Kamal is acting in another film ‘Kalki’ in June itself.. Preparations are underway to bring ‘Indian 2’ on July 18.So.. It is said that two mega projects are coming from Shankar within a gap of three months.

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