Bellamkonda is the lucky heroine for ‘Kishkindapuri’?

Bellamkonda Srinivas got the action hero image by entering Tollywood. That brought him a huge craze in Hindi circles as well. The movies made by Bellamkonda Srinivas have impressed the Hindi audience tremendously in the form of translation. With this, he made a Bollywood film directly. Prabhas, who achieved great success in Telugu, has remade ‘Chatrapati’ in Hindi. But.. the expected success was not achieved there.

Currently, Bellamkonda, who has put aside his Bollywood hopes, is trying to gain a grip on the Telugu market. He is doing films like ‘Tyson Naidu, Kishkindapuri’ in this year. Under the direction of Sagar K. Chandra, 14 reels plus production of ‘Tyson Naidu’ has already reached the finishing stage. Soon this movie will come before the audience. On the other hand, ‘Kishkindapuri’ is getting ready to take off.

‘Kishkindapuri’, which is being directed by Kaushik of ‘Chaavu Kaburu Challaga’ fame, recently impressed with its concept poster. The latest is that other actors and technicians will be selected for this movie. In this year, lucky beauty Anupama Parameswaran was selected as Bellamkonda’s pair for this movie. Earlier, Bellamkonda-Anupama scored a hit with the movie ‘Rakshasudu’. Now let’s see if we get another success with ‘Kishkindapuri’.

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