Baby Producer On Full Josh

S.K.N. who turned from journalist to producer got a resounding success with film ‘Baby’ . Released as a small film, ‘Baby’ became a cult blockbuster with Record collections at the box office. S.K.N has now put back to back movies on line at the same speed.

SKN posted a photo of himself with four young directors on social media saying that these are the people who will direct the next four films under his Mass Movie Makers banner. Sai Rajesh, the director of ‘Baby’, is one of them. Sandeep Raj is another director who received an award at the national level with ‘Colour Photo’. Also.. Suman Pathuri of ‘Inkosari’ fame and Ravi Namburi who worked as a writer for Aha web series ‘Three Roses’ are also in this list.Overall.. After ‘Baby’ S.K.N. is going to increase the momentum of the movies.

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