Anil Ravipudi Planning With Two Star Heroes

Anil Ravipudi is the best exemplary who has proved that there is no turning back from writing department to directors. Anil Ravipudi’s specialty is getting super hits in the commercial angle with his trademark comedy. Anil, who already has half a dozen hits coming with ‘Bhagwant Kesari’ in this Dussehra .

After ‘Bhagwant Kesari’, everyone is curious about with whom Anil Ravipudi is going to work . However.. Anil says that he wants to do films with all the heroes but he wants to do films with Megastar Chiranjeevi and Young Tiger NTR.

Anil Ravipudi said in the latest interview that he will make an experiment movie with fun elements according to Chiranjeevi’s age and his body language.

And two sittings were done for the film with NTR in the past.. but now Tarak’s line-up is not usual.. so he wants to wait for a few years for the film in his combo. On the other hand.. Referring to the film with Mahesh.. Anil Ravipudi said that there is no planning of his film with Maheshbabu in the gap between Trivikram and Rajamouli films.

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