You Are My Hero..Samantha’s Insta Post Going Viral

Star heroine Samantha’s post about Malayalam star Mammootty in her Instagram status is now going viral. Mammootty and Jyothika starrer ‘Kathal The Core’ released recently and received good commercial success at the box office. It faced some criticism in terms of story. The countries of Kuwait and Qatar have banned the movie ‘Kathal the Core’ because the movie contains stories that promote homosexuality.

However, after the release of the movie, everything was positive. The movie directed by Jeo Baby received positive reviews. Critics also appreciated this movie. The family drama in it has impressed Kerala fans. In this context, they want to release the film ‘Katha the Core’ in other countries as well.
However, recently Samantha praised this movie. She posted this on her Instagram. ‘Movie of the year. Mammootty sir.. You are my hero. Jyothika Love You Both acted very well. I was impressed by the naturalness of your acting. Jeo Baby is a legendary maker. I couldn’t resist sharing my happiness with you. More great movies like this should come from you’, she wrote in her status. Currently this post is going viral.

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