Buzz: Polishetty’s career a question mark

There have been many comedic greats in the Telugu film industry, which has been suffering from the lack of one for the past several years. Allari Naresh was the last full-length comedic actor, who has now shifted gears to feature in films with a serious tone.

Ever since he made that transition, there’s been a dearth in the industry, in the comedy genre, with no solid actor to fill that space. In recent years, actors like Siddhu Jonnalagadda and Naveen Polishetty managed to make somewhat of a mark in the comedy genre, with DJ Tillu and Jathirathnalu respectively. Siddhu is currently busy with Tillu Square, while Naveen has a few projects in hand, with Miss Shetty Mister Polishetty ready to be released.

There’s not enough buzz surrounding MSMP and according to the latest reports, Naveen’s next film has been shelved, as the actor is said to be unhappy with the final product of the film. There’s no clarity over whether this film has been completely shelved, or if the director would be replaced after which changes would be made to the film. Thus, it is being said that Naveen’s career has become somewhat of a question mark.

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