Balakrishna, a true inspiration!

Nandmuri Balaksirhna is an actor who came into the industry as the son of the legendary NTR, but he managed to carve out a name for himself. During his prime time, he was known for his experimental films and is probably the only actor of his generation to have ever been seen in films of the mythological and folklore genres.

Now, with changed times, Balayya still remains an inspiration, and a class apart from the rest of his contemporaries because there’s a separate genre for himself, and he is an actor who doesn’t depend upon any remakes. He manages to bring out a new film every year, none of which is a remake.

He is currently busy with Bhagavanth Kesari, which is being directed by Anil Ravipudi, in which he will be seen as a father, in a role that suits his real age, which is also a first for his generation of actors. Considering the huge criticism in the current time regarding how senior actors are not ready to look their age on screen, Balayya is truly a massive inspiration for all.

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