There is a lot of demand for the title ‘Cult’..!

The title is as important as the story of a movie. The more catchy the title is, the more it can attract the audience. That’s why.. our makers take a lot of care in the matter of titles.

No matter how many precautions are taken.. sometimes title clashes are inevitable. They are causing controversy by giving their movie a title that has given by others .The same thing is going to happen in Tollywood now.

It is known that the combination that received a blockbuster with the movie ‘Baby’ is being repeated again. Anand Devarakonda as hero Vaishnavi Chaitanya as heroine directed by Sairajesh S.K.N. Another movie is going to be made. At that time producer S.K.N announced that the film was going to be titled ‘Cult’.

However.. the title of ‘Cult’ was thought for hero Vishwaksen’s film before that. Vishwaksen is going to make this movie with the director Tajuddin. In this regard, the first look poster of the title has also been released.

The title ‘Cult Love Story’ has been finalized for the film to be produced by senior producer Satyanarayana Mallidi. Satyanarayana Mallidi, who has given hit movies like ‘Bunny, Dhi’ in the past, is producing this movie after a gap. And.. among them the title of ‘cult’.. it remains to be seen who will get a cult hit.

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