Rajamouli’s Son Hit The Jackpot With ‘Premalu’

The strength and huge success behind director Rajamouli is his family .The stories of father Vijayendra Prasad, the music of elder brother Keeravani and the costumes of wife Rama Rajamouli are the big assets of Jakkanna movies. Also.. Another person who works hard for Rajamouli’s films is his son Karthikeya. Karthikeya has a good reputation as a second unit director, production manager, and a new publicity man for Rajamouli’s films.

Karthikeya came out of the Rajamouli’s brand and did some productions as partner but did not perform as expected. However, Karthikeya scored a hit as a producer with the latest ‘Premalu’. The romantic love story ‘Premalu’ translated from Malayalam to Telugu is well received by the audience here. Being a universal point suitable for Telugu Nativity.. Moreover, the film ‘Premalu’ is getting good reception here as the story is set in the backdrop of Hyderabad.All in all, trade pandits say that Karthikeya hit the jackpot with ‘Premalu’.

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