Koratala following Rajamouli for Devara

Director SS Rajamouli is a trendsetter in Telugu cinema in so many different ways, where he has introduced some elements into his films that have continued to be one of the most effective ways of storytelling in movies to date. Many directors often try to replicate his success by doing similar feats, or sometimes, by even making movies of a similar genre, but no one has truly been able to live up to his mastery.

It is now being said that director Koratala Siva is trying to do something that Rajamouli did a while ago in his film Chatrapati.

In Chatrapati, Prabhas famously fights a shark, and a similar episode is said to be a part of Koratala and NTR’s film Devara, where NTR is reportedly going to fight a shark.

Devara is a film that has a port and ocean backdrop, so it makes sense that NTR would have to fight a shark. However, considering that this is something that has already been attempted before in Tollywood, it is to be seen how Koratala will manage to make it different and impactful, and if he will be able to match up to Rajamouli.

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