Balakrishna In Malayalam Movie Remake?

If a movie is a hit in one language, the producers compete to take that movie to other languages. In this category, now there is fierce competition for the Malayalam hit movie ‘Avesham’ in every language. Preparations are underway to remake this film in Telugu. Fahad Fazil’s Malayalam movie ‘Avesham’ released on April 11 and became a huge success. And yet.. the theatrical run of the film continues.

The movie ‘Avesham’ was made with the story unfolding in the backdrop of Bangalore. Fahad Fazil played the role of gangster Ranga in this movie directed by Jitu Madhavan as a gangster drama. Now, if the film ‘Avesham’ is remade in Telugu, the producers are predicting that actor Balakrishna will be perfect for the role. Soon.. the remake proposal of this movie is going to go to Balayya. And.. We have to see if Balayya will give the green signal for the remake of Malayalam movie ‘Avesham’.

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