Venu revenge drama for Nani

Nani is a natural star in finding talent anywhere. If the director likes the content without seeing whether it is new or old, he immediately commits to the film. He said ok to the movie with ‘Balagam’ fame Venu who was earlier known as an actor, made his way to the top as a director with ‘Balagam’. ‘Balagam’, directed by Venu, was a great success with a very low budget. Got awards both nationally and internationally.

Similar to Balagam, Venu is going to make a film with Nani in a village backdrop. However.. this time he took revenge element. He is preparing the story for Nani as a revenge drama in the background of the village. As the pre-production work has already come to an end, it seems that the film is going to be released soon.

On the other hand, Nani, who scored another hit with ‘Hi Nanna’, is currently busy with the movie ‘Saripoda Sanivaaram’. This film is being directed by Vivek Athreya, who has already done various films like ‘Ante..Sundaraaniki’. After this movie, Nani gave the green signal for a gangster drama directed by Sujeeth. After the completion of these two projects, Venu’s movie will be released.

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