‘The 100’ Teaser.. Sagar as Ruthless Police Officer

Sagar, who is familiar to the television audience as RK Naidu, made his debut in the industry as a hero with the film ‘Siddhartha’. After that, Sagar’s film ‘Shaadi Mubarak’ was critically acclaimed. Now Sagar is going to hit the silver screen as a hero once again. Sagar is coming up with a new film with a different title ‘The 100’.

Sagar is going to be seen in the role of an IPS officer named Vikrant in this movie. Raghav Omkar Shasidhar is directing this movie as an emotional action thriller. Harshavardhan Rameshwar of ‘Animal, Arjun Reddy’ fame is performing the music. Also.. Senior technician Shyam K. Naidu is acting as cinematographer. The latest teaser has been released from the movie ‘The 100’ which has already completed its shooting.

As far as the teaser is concerned.. the department is questioning the police officer Vikrant on the pretext that he has done something wrong. Do you feel the ego to admit the wrong done? Otherwise, the officers ask him, ‘Have you joined the department to make mistakes?’. Then he steps into the field to solve a murder mystery.And at the end of the teaser, Sagar’s dialogue in the role of Vikrant saying, ‘You won’t believe what I say… I won’t tell you what you expect’, addressing the officers who are interrogating him. The movie ‘The 100’, which has scored good marks with the teaser, will soon come before the audience.

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