Talk- It is high time that Gopichand becomes a character actor

There is no denying the fact that he is a solid actor and proved his mettle by doing villain roles at the beginning of his career. The audience loved him and made him popular. So, Gopichand started to get hero roles and he impressed everyone.

But now, things have changed as his films are not clicking one bit. Gopichand is signing these mass roles which have no substance at the box office. When Telugu cinema is making content-filled films like Balagam, Gopichand is still stuck in the 90s.

Things need to change at any cost or there will be no time on Gopi’s hands to save his career. In his last interview, he was asked whether he would be doing villain roles and he said if the hero is in the range of Prabhas, he would.

So, he needs to stick to his words and needs to experiment in his films. Firstly, he needs to change his team and bring him the same old stories in no time. With so much talent, Gopichand has so much to give as an actor and will be a solid addition as a character artist. But will he lower his ego and do a villain after being a hero for such a long time?

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