Nani’s Dasara USA review

Directed by a debutant Srikanth Odela Dasara features Natural star Nani in the lead role. Set in the backdrop of Veerlapallu village of Singareni, this project is set for release it in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi languages on March 30.

The makers have released US premiers today. Let’s talk about the characters in this project. Dharani, who works in the Singareni coal mines, is always careless and is a big fan of Silk Smita. The life of Dharani who always party with friends, love Vennela, takes an unexpected turn when he engages into a fight with a wicked contractor.

At that time, Dharani’s friend gets into trouble. What Dharani does to save his friend and contractor did to Vennala who wants to marry Dharani forms the rest of the story. Nani lived in the character and brought the feeling that we are actually living in the Singareni coal mines, and we will travel with Dharani’s character.

We feel that we should have a friend like Dharani. The action sequences in which Dharani saves the backward will be a visual treat for the audience. Famous Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko looks simple in the role of the villain and expresses cruelty in his eyes.

We know how the movie gets elevated if the hero has a strong villain, and this strong villain has taken the Dasara movie to the next level.Deekshith Shetty, The Kannada actor is very handsome, but in Singareni Coal Mines, he excelled in supporting Dharani in this rustic role.

Deekshith Shetty succeeded in maintaining the arc of that character till the end. Keerthy Suresh who played the role of Vennela, loves Dharani since childhood. As always, she is convincing in the role.The role of Vennela brought life to that character in a range that you can’t imagine.  Specially, in the sentimental scenes in the climax portion, one should shed tears for her performance.

Finally, Natural star Nani, who played the role of the first time mass, succeeded once again in making us travel with him from the very first frame seen on the screen. Every time Nani appears on the screen, there is something new in his acting. He went away making such a difficult scene very easy.

Srikanth Odela direction will be definitely applauded by the audience. This is not like his first film. The scenes that carry emotion, the way the action episodes are designed, and the way Dharani’s character is embedded,  is awesome. As Nani said in a recent interview, there is no doubt that Srikanth is another RajaMouli of Tollywood.

Technical Aspects:

Santosh Narayanan’s music and the background score add life to the movie. All the songs in this mass entertainer are awesome.

Last but not the least. the cinematography handled by Sathyan Sooryan, has worked out very well for the film. The visuals make the production values known better. Singareni texture is carried out well on the screen.

Overall, Dasara is a perfect mass masala black bluster movie.

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