Malli pelli : Can this film cash in on its controversy?

Senior actor Naresh has been drowning in controversy for the past several months, if not years, concerning his personal life. His divorce from his third wife and his partnership with actress Pavitra Lokesh became the talk of the town.

Keeping the actor’s personal life aside, the actor has enjoyed a massive success streak as a leading man during his day, with comedy movies, and after a really long time, the actor is making a comeback as the leading man with his upcoming film Malli Pelli, which has been produced under the Vijay Krishna banner, and directed by MS Raju.

Malli Pelli is being aggressively promoted by Naresh and Pavitra, and there is a lot of talk going on about the film. Consdiering all this, it is to be seen whether the film will get decent openings. Malli Pelli is scheduled to be released on 26th May.

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