Mem Famous: Another blockbuster or a dud?

The upcoming film, Mem Famous, directed and led by Sumanth Prabhas, is being promoted aggressively by the team and is carrying decent expectations, owing to the youth-oriented plot it has. The trailer of the film has been received well, which was released recently. The film is all set to be released on May 26th.

Mem Famous is produced under the Chai Bisket banner. The film seems to be carrying a very Jaathiratnalu vibe to it, which could mean that it could either turn out to be a huge blockbuster like Jaathiratnalu, or it could flop hard, like First Day First Show.

Mem Famous features Mani Aegurla, Mourya Chowdary, Saarya, Siri Raasi, Kiran Macha,Anji Mama, Narendra Ravi, Muralidhar Goud and Shiva Nandan along with others, in lead roles.

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