Ramabanam box office- Occupancy goes down badly

Ramabanam had to click at any cost as Gopichand has been giving only flops in recent times. So, he joined hands with lucky director Sriwass to make a comeback with the film Ramabanam.

The film was released alongside Allari Naresh’s Ugram which also released with a good buzz. While Ugram had a passable talk, Ramabanam started on a bad note in many areas of its release.

The stage is such that the occupancy has fallen down like a pack of cards. By Monday, the film will be out of many theaters. Dimple Hayati plays the female lead in this film and she did a fine job in her role.

The film made some money in the mass belts but that has also changed as the occupancy fell flat. As it is a weekend, the film is seeing some crowds but the way it is going, things look quite bad for the film.

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