Naga Vamsi Following the path of Dil Raju

Producer Dil Raju is well known for his script evaluation skills. In addition to production, he also supports quality small- to medium-budget films by distributing them. It seems interesting that ace producer is giving a small-budget movie more exposure than before.

Dil Raju normally participates in all of the promotional activities of his films and he repeated it for the recently released film Balagam, despite the fact that he is not a producer.Because of his brand value,the low budget film gained world wide attention and the content of the film attracted the audience in bigtime.

Following the path of Dil Raju, young Producer S Naga Vamsi seems to be very interested in bringing the dubbed and small budget films to limelight.Intinti Ramayanam, a small budget venture backed by Sithara Entertainments was all set to hit the theatres on March 17, 2023.

For the last few days, the team held special premiere shows in Karimnagar and Nizamabad cities.In the same format,Vamsi decided to pay more attention to promoting apart from production to emerge as one of the finest producers of TFI.

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