Daggubati Heroes double the remuneration

 Victory Venkatesh had signed a web series for the first time. Doing a national wide web series is like doing a multi starrer pan India movie. Moreover, in Telugu web series and web movies, the remuneration is calculated first and the rest is spent.

But national level web series are not like that. They do it like how they spend on a big movie. That is why our film actors do not hesitate to act in national level web series.

Venky and Rana’s first web series ‘Rana Naidu’  stars Rana as Rana Naidu and Venkatesh as Rana’s father Naga Naidu.

According to reliable sources, it seems that Venkatesh has received more than ten crores of remuneration for this web series. Also, it seems that Rana was given a remuneration of up to eight crores. Even Telugu movies will not get such a range of remuneration.

Apart from Venkatesh’s sequel, F3, he received a remuneration in the range of five to six crores. Rana also took less than five crores. With this web series both of them received almost double remunerations.

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