AHA Sets Backup Teams Ready

Nandamuri Bala Krishna’s Unstoppable show is leading ever since it has started, and the show was tagged as the ‘Baap of  All Shows’.

The next episode will be premiered from February 2nd 9 PM and the Power storm episode features Powerstar Pawan Kalyan aka PSPK.

Aha media released the promo’s recently and the sensibly trimmed promo’s caught the attention of all sorts of audience. Meanwhile, the recent happenings are sending vibrations to the makers now.

The latest Prabhas two part episode crashed the server’s with heavy traffic and the makers are planning to sort out the issue now.

The makers are expecting atleast 2 million user’s traffic with the launch of Powerstar’s episode. Forward focusing teams also installed backup servers to avoid app crashes. All the necessary arrangements were made to monitor Aha’s stability and performance if the incoming traffic crosses the 2 million mark.

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