It has become a tough task to bring audiences to theatres, post the pandemic. A film needs to have unique or potential content to grab the attention. Promotional materials are playing a key role in creating a buzz or increasing curiosity on movies. So, filmmakers are taking the best care in cutting the teaser or trailer of their movies.Coming to the actual point, an upcoming film Hello Meera is an experimental entertainer with a single character to thrill the audience. Kakarla Srinivas is directing the movie. Today, blockbuster director Harish Shankar launched the teaser of the movie and wished the team all the luck. Going by the teaser, Hello Meera is the journey of a girl from Vijayawada to Hyderabad and the events that take place in that one day are shown in a thrilling manner.

The girl gets calls from different people, during the car journey, and she seems to have stuck in a tricky situation. How she comes out of it forms the crux of the story. The teaser is full of thrills and is spellbinding with a novel concept with a gripping narrative.Director Srinivas seems to have done a lot of work on the story, which is clearly evident in the teaser. Going by the video, the movie will connect to all sections of the audience. While the first-look poster created interest among the audience, the teaser has augmented the expectations.

Gargeyi Yellapragada who played the role of Meera is very impressive, as she enacted different emotions effortlessly. Prashanth Koppineedi cranked the camera, and the visuals are top-notch, whereas S Chinna’s music is another big asset.This experimental film is being made under Lumiere Cinema. Dr. Lakshmana Rao Dikkala, Varaprasadarao Dumpala and Padma Kakarla produced the movie, while Jeevan Kakarla is presenting it. Tirumala M Tirupati is the Production Designer, whereas Katri Mallesh, and M Rambabu [Chennai] are the Production Managers. Rambabu Medikonda is the editor. Kakarla Srinivas is making this movie based on his experience of working as a co-director for many movies with the legendary director Sri. Bapu.Currently, the post-production work of this movie has reached its final stage. The makers are planning a grand release for the movie.

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