Weekend Box Office – Ugram holds on Ramabanam out of several theaters

Ugram and Ramabanam were two big films that had to click at any cost. Both these films opened on May 5th on a grand note. Ramanbanam was the one to suffer as the film had a bad talk from day one itself.

The film is out from several theaters already and has no takers for it. The film is a mass drama and has been narrated in a very outdated manner by director Sriwass who earlier made hits with Gopichand.

On the other hand, Urgam also had great potential but has ended as an average fare at the box office. The manner in which the film is told in a serious manner has given not many takers to the film.

Ugram is holding on well in the multiplexes in Hyderabad. As there are no other films to enjoy, the audience is forced to watch Ugram at the ticketing windows. Vijay Kanakamedala directed this film. Once the weekdays start we need to see how these films will cope.

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