Vishwak Sen Reacts To The Controversy With Arjun

Action king Arjun introduced his daughter as the heroine. Vishwak Sen was taken as the hero in this movie. The film has a grand opening in the hands of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Arjun accused Vishwak Sen of not responding when he wanted to go for the shooting after making all the arrangements.Arjun told in the press meet that Vishwak Sen had postponed the shooting two or three times.

Vishwak Sen, who has not commented on Arjun’s comments from many days , recently responded to this controversy in an interview. Vishwak Sen said that he has postponed the shooting with Arjun for one day.. He did not say that he will not do the film.. But.. just to postpone it.. he held a press meet and said a lot of words.. if he was a hero with a background would he have done that? Vishwak Sen said that he also doubled the remuneration taken and returned it. And.. Let’s see what Arjun has to say on Vishwak Sen’s reply.

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