Virupaksha turns an emotional blackmail for audience

Sai Dharam Tej will be next seen in the film ‘Virupaksha’ a mysterious thriller under the direction of Karthik varma Dandu. The theatrical trailer of the film was released a couple of days ago which failed to draw the attention of the audience.

The pre-release event also happened yesterday and the lead actor tried to draw the attention of audience by telling Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan dialogues which irked the mega fans and Powerstar fans.

Not stopping here, he spoke about his accident and advised his fans to use helmet while driving which didn’t go well with some sections of audience. Many fans are of the opinion that it is useless to drag the unprepared speech with unwanted stuff.

The movie team itself killed the minimum buzz created on the film and comparing their routine mystery thriller runs in the lines of Anveshana, Kashmora and TulasiDalam which are yesteryears classical hits. with the tongue slippery nature of the movie team, the audience are of the opinion that it is not necessary to watch the routine stuff in big screen and are ignoring it.

Moreover the movie had received A certificate from the censor board because of it’s foul language, violence and sexual elements in the content. even the makers too accepted as their film needs such restrictions.

Finally, Sukumar who attended the pre-release event also tried to draw sympathy towards the director Karthik as he had medical problems and he would life for five to six years and he wished to direct atleast one film. It seems Sukumar is also trying to emotionally blackmailing the audience to watch the film for director’s sake.

The teaser, Trailer and character looks could not draw the attention in any way and now they are trying to connect the film emotionally to the audience. That’s how the fate of Virupaksha coming up with the routine story releasing on 21st April 2023.

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