Unanimous reports, will luck be on Krishna Vamsi side

Ranga Marthanda marking the comeback of veteran director Krishna Vamsi, is all scheduled for release on March 22nd 2023.

The movie is all about the tragic life of a stage actor who retired from acting but is unable to forget his memories of Theatres and the stage performance’s.

As the film was announced for release, the movie unit had a special screening for some media people and industry big wigs and directors. The response is unanimously positive from all the celebrities who watched Ranga Marthanda.

Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishna and Brahmanandam have given their career best performances for the film. The movie dealing with natural human emotions and artistic performance’s of the actors would easily get connected to everyone.

But the question here is Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishna, the lead pair in the film itself limited their screen presence for character roles in real life and now after the career span of around 30 years, they are testing their luck in lead roles. Will they get connected to the audience now?

Moreover Krishna vamsi who is also a producer of the film invested huge on the film by trusting the film’s content and is using his influence to maximum extent to promote the film.

But instead it would have been better if he cast’s renowned artistes to catch the attention of current generation audience.

Any how, let’s hope things turn positive for Krishna Vamsi after the release, so that the creative director bounce back again with Ranga Marthanda.

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