Success Celebrations: More of a publicity stunt

Success celebrations are all the rage right now, with every filmmaker, director, and actor making sure that they are celebrating the success of a film even before it is actually declared a hit, and boasting about the performance of the film at the box office, even if the film is actually a disaster.

Currently, multiple success celebrations have also started to trend virally. All of these success celebrations are a huge loss for the producers, apart from the loss of a film not working well at the box office. In reality, these success celebrations only serve to be publicity stunts, in an attempt to draw the audiences to theatres.

On the other hand, audiences only go to theatres if they find a film to be worth their while and not a complete waste of their time. Even if a film is headlined by a top actor, they wouldn’t watch the film if the film does not live up to the mark.

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