So What … Suresh Babu’s Reaction

Nara Chandrababu was arrested in the skill development scam. He is in Rajahmundry Central Jail. Since then, various political parties have been speaking in support of Chandrababu. However, the response from the Telugu film industry was not as expected.

First Raghavendra Rao reacted. After that, Natti Kumar held a press meet and scolded the entire industry.. Why are they not responding. Then some others came forward and denied the arrest. But in film industry, there was not a single condemnation on this .

Senior producer Suresh Babu was asked about this and his response surprised many. In a way, Suresh Babu spoke bluntly as to why we should worry about Chandrababu’s arrest.
So what is Suresh Babu’s reaction..

” As an industry we have always stayed away from politics and religion. This has been going on since Chennai. If someone is personally affiliated with any party it is their personal matter and also a very sensitive issue. We have never given political statements from the film industry and was never involved in the Andhra and Telangana issue either. Because industry is beyond politics and also it is difficult to react non-politically.

Because behind every story there is another story. We are not politicians and Not media persons. We just want to make movies. If we have to respond to such things, we have to respond to many things happening in the country every day. so , I think it is right for the industry to remain silent on Chandrababu’s arrest.. Also, I want the industry to be beyond above politics and religion.

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