List of biggies in the next one year

The Telugu film industry is one of the biggest film industries in the world, which produces massive movies every year. It is a business worth thousands of crores, with many people investing crores of money into this business.

As such, every year has several massive movies releasing, and within the next one year, there are several big movies lined up to be released, which are being made on a budget that exceeds several hundred crores and are headlined by top actors of the industry.

Here is the list of the big films that are set to be released in Telugu in the next one year:
Aug 11, 2023 – Bholaa Shankar
Sep 28. 2023 – Salaar: Cease Fire
Oct 19, 2023 – Bhagavanth Kesari
Dec 15, 2023 – They Call Him OG
Jan 12, 2024 – Guntur Karam
Mar 8, 2024 – NBK109
Apr 5, 2024 – Devara
Apr/May, 2024 – Pushpa 2
May 9, 2024 – Kalki 2898 AD
Jul/Aug, 2024 – Game Changer

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