Is Nagarjuna shifting gears?

Akkineni Nagarjuna is an actor that doesn’t seem to age much, and he never disappoints when it comes to his public appearances, and is always seen experimenting with his films, irrespective of the result of those films. He is also known to be the only actor with the highest number of experiments among his contemporaries, but the actor has taken a backseat right now.

Nagarjuna has not okayed a single script so far and is said to be on the hunt for the right script. His last big release was Ghost, which bombed at the box office, irrespective of high expectations of the film. Following that, both his sons delivered disasters at the box office, making matters worse for the actor and his family.

In the meantime, Nagarjuna has been seen and is reportedly okaying several guest appearances in various films. Considering that, it is to be wondered if the actor has decided to shift gears, for the time being at least, and has decided to stick to just doing guest appearances for now.

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