Bollywood’s Akshay Kumar is now an Indian citizen!

Akshay Kumar is one of the top and most renowned actors in Bollywood, who has a good following for himself and has made a name for himself in the comedy genre as well. He often makes movies surrounding social and political issues prevalent in India, and he very famously took part in a non-political interview with PM Narendra Modi ahead of the previous elections.

At the time of this interview going public, it came to light that Akshay is actually not an Indian citizen and hols a Canadian citizenship instead. Given that Akshay was urging everyone to exercise their right to vote in that interview, the fact that Akshay has no right to vote in India was heavily criticized. Akshay had planned to leave India during the 1990s, following a very bad time in films, where he had 15 consecutive flops, which was when he acquired Canadian citizenship.

However, after getting that citizenship, his career took a turn for the good, and he stayed back in India. He has said several times that he is in the process of becoming an Indian citizen again, and he took to social media today to announce that he got his citizenship, on India’s 77th Independence day, which makes him even more proud.

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