Theaters will be closed for ten days across Telangana

Summer is the biggest season for Telugu film industry. If festivals like Sankranthi are only for five or six days, then in summer it takes 45 days. That’s why.. the top protagonists also compete with the release of films in the summer ring. But.. this summer is going differently. On the one hand, there are no big movies. On the other hand.. Election atmosphere, I.P.L. This summer has been almost empty with such things.

Also.. In the remaining 15 days of this summer, not a single crazy movie is coming. With this, single screen theaters will be closed in Telangana for ten days from this Friday. Due to the lack of craze movies, people are not coming to the theatres. In this context.. theater owners across Telangana have taken this decision with the intention that running theaters will become a burden.

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