The ‘Committee Kurrallu’ Telling About The Value Of The Vote

Currently there is an election atmosphere across the country. Especially all the mega heroes have increased the speed in the campaign in support of Pawan Kalyan. Now mega daughter Niharika has also released a song expressing her vote value.

‘Committee Kurrollu’ is the first film produced by Niharika Konidela. Eleven heroes and four heroines will be introduced through this movie, which is coming under the banners of Pink Elephant Pictures LLP and Sriradha Damodar Studios. Directed by Yadhu Vamsi, the film is composed by Anudeep Dev. The latest song from this movie called ‘Gorrela’ was released.

This song has been designed as a message telling to vote without succumbing to any temptations in elections. Also.. The lyrics of this song written by Nag Arjun Reddy comparing the people who are sold for votes to sheep are impressive throughout.

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