Sree Vishnu Struggles For ‘Swag’ Makeover

Srivishnu, who is mostly seen in sidekick type roles, has not shown any major changes in terms of his makeover till now. However.. Sreevishnu is going to entertain in many different getups for the upcoming movie ‘Swag’. It is being spread that Sree Vishnu is going to appear in 14 getups in this movie. The team has recently released the character making video of Bhavabhuti, one of the characters played by Sree Vishnu from ‘Swag’.

National award winning make-up artist Thapan Rasheed did the makeover for the role of Bhavabhuti played by Sree Vishnu. For this character, Sree Vishnu used to sit patiently for four hours every day and apply make-up. Produced by People Media Factory under the direction of Hasit Goli, ‘Swag’ will hit the screens soon.

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