Sree Vishnu In Latest Look For ‘Swag’

Regardless of success or failure, Srivishnu always tries to entertain the audience with different films. Sree Vishnu, who got a decent hit with the movie ‘Samajavaragamana’ last year, has scored another hit this year with ‘Om Bheem Bush’. Currently, Sree Vishnu is busy with the movie ‘Swag’.

Director Hasit Goli, who earlier made a hit movie ‘Raja Raja Chora’ with Sree Vishnu, is directing the movie ‘Swag’. The director said with the already released posters and glimpses that the content of this movie is going to be very different. And.. there was a campaign that Sree Vishnu is going to appear in 14 getups in this film. The team recently released special glimpses from ‘Swag’ under the name ‘Razor’ with those visuals.Sri Vishnu is going to be seen in the role of Bhavabhuti, who follows the thoughts of clans, possessions, women and men. With these special glimpses, Sree Vishnu is impressing with different getups.

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