Rajinikanth is being attacked by YCP, where is Mohan Babu?

A few days back, Rajinikanth came in as the chief guest for the NTR centenary celebrations and spoke highly about NTR and Chandra Babu Naidu which did not go well with many YCP Party people.

Since then, the party leaders have been bad-mouthing Rajinikanth in a big way. The trolling has gone to another level and the fans of Rajinikanth even demanded an apology from the YCP party.

So much is being said about these trolls on social media and many are now asking where is Mohan Babu, who is a close friend of Rajinikanth. Mohan Babu loved NTR, was in TDP, and is a close friend of Rajini.

But why is he silent ask many. Is it because he is now with YCP Party and is also related to YS Jagan that he is not speaking one word say the people on social media. What will Mohan Babu do now? Will he respond and save his friend is the million-dollar question.

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