Puri Jagan re-unites with family, fans super happy

Puri Jagan is one of the trend-setting directors in Indian cinema. He has done so many films and has changed the careers of many. But in the last few years, he is lying low with flops like Liger.

Apart from his career, Puri Jagan’s personal life is always in the news. Many say that Puri is in a live-in relationship with actress Charmee who is also his business partner in films.

Well, so much was said about Puri and how he is leaving his family aide. But a new video that has gone viral shows Puri along with his family and wife spending some cozy time.

His wife also shared one of the pictures with Puri and shared the image as Jaggu. Seeing this one can definitely be reassured that everything is alright between them.

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