Priyadarshi comes with full song ‘Darling’

The film ‘Darling’ is ahead in attracting everyone’s attention by promoting it in different ways from the beginning. Ashwin Ram is directing this romantic drama starring Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh. The campaign for this movie, which is completing its shooting silently, has been accelerated.

The latest song from this movie called ‘Khalasay’ has been released. In this song, which is going to make noise in the movie as a drug song, Priyadarshi is excited as a person who has failed in love. Composed by Kasarla Shyam and composed by Vivek Sagar, this song is sung by Hanuman CH and Ram Miriyala. Ananya Nagalla, Moin, Siva Reddy and Muralidhar Goud are playing other key roles in this film. Niranjan Reddy of ‘Hanuman’ fame is producing this film.

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